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Why Us

With over 20 years’ experience of developing and manufacturing of high quality terminals and lugs. Our products meet the strictest international requirements and can be found in installations practically the whole world over.

Who We Are

Started out with a small range of terminals, over the years, we have grown to offer complete range of cable accessories products to help our customer connecting cables, wires quickly and precisely every single time.

What We Do

We are committed to continuously offer our customers with the best workmanship quality, competitive market price, integrated products, and guarantee satisfied service.

Company Profile

Marrow Lin Development Company (MLDC), is a Taiwanese manufacturer founded by Mr. Steve Lin in 1990, focusing on copper terminals connectors. Supplying an extensive product range including JIS and DIN standard Pre-insulated and Uninsulated Crimp Terminals, Cord-end Ferrules, and Copper Tubular Lug.
Marrow Lin has obtained UL approval for most of its products and has certified to ISO 9001:2015.

With almost 30 years of experience, Marrow Lin is continuously perfecting and streamlining its manufacturing process to supply our customers with high quality and stable price products. 50% of the Marrow Lin’s products supplies to Europe, 20% to mid-Asia, and to the global wide world. Moreover, to enable our customers with a one-stop-shop service, Marrow Lin is still expending the product spec range, with shorter and more flexible delivery time. More than just selling products, to provide our customers with satisfactory service is the number one goal for our company.



High-quality terminal connectors are entirely manufactured and assembled in Taiwan.

The crimp terminal connector enables a quick and easy solderless connection.
The terminals come in uninsulated and insulated with PVC, PC, or Nylon.
Adopts JIS and DIN standards.
Different color codings are used to denote different wire sizes.

The wiring size/gauge and the size of screws determine your choice of terminals.

UL certifies products


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Marrow Lin provides both Copper Tubular and Aluminum Shear-Bolt Lug, with the various types, and the most complete range session, from Low voltage to Medium voltage to supply our customers.

Cable Lug Terminals are most commonly used to join two cables. Including connecting fuse sockets, load switches, and electrical appliances, and connecting power lines.

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Cord End Terminal

Cord End Terminal

High-quality Cord End Terminals/Insulated End-Sleeves are entirely manufactured and assembled in Taiwan. Designed to protects the exposed wire strands from damage from the screw, terminates the end of a cable, prior to fitting screw type terminal blocks or connectors, and enables a stronger connection.
Marrow Lin provides a complete range of nylon cord end terminals. Adopts Weidmuller, Telemecanique, and DIN color standards.

The wiring size/gauge and the length of ferrule determine the choice of cord-end terminals.


UL, RoHS, REACH certifies products

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